In The Union Of Opposites, We Will Reveal The Creator

Laitman_2009-11-06_Zohar_tv_8165_wA question I received: Is there such a thing as the Creator being perceived collectively by a group?

My Answer: There is the personal, individual attainment, and there is the group attainment. Presently we are at the phase of personal attainment, trying to advance to the level of group attainment. Therein lies the world’s future, beginning with our generation and on. The science of Kabbalah is being revealed today, specifically for this group attainment by the entire world.

This is why we are beginning to study The Book of Zohar, which was written by a group and can only be revealed in a group. You need that connection between people, which is the same connection that existed in Rabbi Shimon’s group that wrote this book.

The world stands at the threshold of a new age, an age when revelation must become collective. After all, the whole world is essentially one group. The same thing happened after the exodus from Egypt at Mount Sinai. There was great hatred (Sina in Hebrew) between people, but they were told: “If you don’t demand the Creator right now, then this hatred between you shall be the place of your burial.” In spite of this hatred, they were given a condition – to unite as one man with one heart. But that’s impossible! Everyone hates all the others so much that no one can bear to look at them, even under the threat of death!

It is in this circumstance that the Upper Force (the Creator) is revealed, bringing these two opposites in accord – the depth of the egoistic desire from below, the screen from Above,and the Upper Light that resides in them. That is the spiritual vessel, the Kli.

We need to come to a state when, on the one hand, we hate one another, on the other hand, we love one another, and in addition, we demand that the force of bestowal be revealed between us. This is what is in store for our generation. From here on, the process moves toward global unification, which is why we began the study of The Book of Zohar.

Undoubtedly, we are ready for it. As for the rest of the world – we hope that they will recognize the opportunity to achieve it through a peaceful path.

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