Philosophy’s Attempts To Discover Reality

Laitman_2009-08_2618 Ask anyone to describe the essence of matter, spirituality, and the soul, and you’ll get a thousand different opinions. None of these opinions, however, will be definite or weighted. This is because we are talking about a reality that is hidden from us. Humanity is constantly searching for that reality, but no one is able to point to anything clear, precise, and practical.

This search cannot be done through classical science, since we do not perceive the hidden reality in our current sensations. It also cannot be done through religion, since religion does not even aim to reveal what is hidden. Philosophy, however, wishes to deduce what lies above our nature by means of the human intellect. This is impossible, but philosophers count on the capabilities of the mind to attain what is above it.

Philosophy is made up of the efforts of people who wish to reveal the spiritual world without changing themselves. This is also impossible since reality is revealed through our desires and our senses. If what we reveal can be measured and verified, and this knowledge can be given to others, then this is science.

If one has no sensation of the hidden world, one’s hunches will remain fantasy rather than science. As we say, it doesn’t hurt to dream, but don’t try to pass it off as the truth.  For this reason, people have lost respect for the word “philosophy” since it speaks of a confusing “non-reality.”

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