Your Aspiration To The Creator Is The Most Important Thing

Laitman_2009-08_2934A question I received: You said in a recent lesson that we must enjoy this life. That is confusing, because as we grow in Kabbalah we find a certain distaste for pleasures. How then do we balance this within our work? Are we supposed to use every encounter in our life to do dissemination and use that as the source of our pleasure? I used to love to build furniture and rebuild motorcycles, but now it seems all I do is study and work and do what dissemination I can. Is this the correct way of going about things?

My Answer: Most probably, it is. However, you should not force yourself to do anything, but just do what comes naturally. The most important thing is your aspiration to the Creator, and all the rest will settle down without coercion and according to how it has to be.

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