The Creator Uses Fear To Push Us Towards Him

All the People in the World Are Sick With the Same SicknessTwo questions I received about fear:

Question: I read that there are three types of fear, but that only one is real – the fear of the Creator. So if I am faced with a situation that scares me, like when I fly and the plane is shaking, this is the wrong type of fear because egoistically, I am afraid to die. I then try to turn this great but wrong fear into a fear for the Creator. I need to feel fear of possibly losing my contact with Him. It is almost impossible, but I try as hard as I can. Am I wasting my time?

My Answer: The only thing you should do is understand that everything comes from Him!

Question: Everywhere I go, I’m filled with fear. I’m worried what people may think about me.  Why do I care and how can I get over it?

My Answer: Your egoism makes you worry about what others think about you. Start thinking about the spiritual world and its qualities. You will then free yourself from this imaginary world and come to realize that the Creator pushes you towards Him with this fear.

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