Who Will You Be: The Donkey Rider Or The Donkey?

bornDesire (Homer) is like a donkey (Hamor) that is controlled by its rider (the intention). In the past donkeys were used for turning millstones to grind grain. A feedsack of grain would be placed on the donkey’s snout, and the donkey would eat the grain while walking around in a circle and turning the wheels.

If it wouldn’t get food, it would not take a single step. Similarly, our egoistic matter is like a donkey: it cannot work unless it receives a reward!

The intention that controls our “donkey” is called “man.” This is the donkey rider that determines where the animal will go.

Desire does not understand intentions, and this enables us to control it. Let your desire enjoy, just add an intention to it. This is why it is written that the higher a person is, the greater is his egoistic desire. However, he knows how to let the egoistic desire enjoy in order to tame it and ride it towards the correct goal.

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