The Story Of The Guest And The Host Teaches Us About The Spiritual Worlds

the-secret-things-belong-to-the-creatorA question I received: What changes between one spiritual world and another?

My Answer: The change happens in the desire or force that is in control, the value system relative to the Giver and how important He is. This determines everything.

The only thing that exists in the whole universe is the desire to enjoy, which can follow two principles: its personal benefit or the benefit of the Giver. It’s like in the example of the guest and the host, where the guest’s state is called Beria, Atzilut, Yetzira or Assiya depending on the guest’s reaction to the Host. For example:

  • If he is in the World of Assiya, then he consumes the whole meal;
  • If he is in the World of Yetzira, then he has doubts as to whether he should eat and how much should he eat;
  • If he is in the World of Beria, then he makes a calculation and knows that he won’t make a mistake; he will be able to show the Host that he gives Him pleasure;
  • If he is in the World of Atzilut, then he consumes everything like in the World of Assiya, but he is sure that he does this only for the sake of the Host! After all, they have united with one another until there are no differences between them.

And all of this is talking about a person’s inner state.

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