The Most Serious Game Of All

whim All the obstacles and problems are there to help us, in order for us to learn and grow. In fact, this is exactly how adults treated us when we were kids, and how we act toward our children when we give them assignments, activities, games, and tests. Even the children themselves are constantly looking for something to break, build, do, and then see the outcome, as well as something to learn from adults. Even though this is called a game, it is a serious process of growth that every creature in the world goes through.

If it weren’t for this game, we would not grow up into human beings. We would be like children that are lost in the woods and grow up with animals. Everything depends on one’s preparation for life and on the help one receives from the Upper Level. This help comes in the form of obstructions, problems, exercises, and assignments, which we have to perform one after the other.

We create different games for children of different ages. These games and exercises are different for each age group. That is also how Nature (the Creator) places the necessary obstacles in front of the person that He wishes to elevate. And with the help of these obstacles, a person ascends to the next level.

Therefore, we are receiving help rather than obstacles! Our task is to build spiritual human beings out of ourselves, and for that, we have to carry out a multitude of exercises that will make us similar to the Creator.

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