The Method Of Climbing Up The Spiritual Ladder

method Everything occurred in the four stages of expansion of Direct Light, in the initial HaVaYaH, as it is written, “I did not change My HaVaYaH.” This is the model that contains all the forces, desires, and Lights, and from there onwards, there is a development of a ladder of degrees, worlds, concealments, Partzufim, and Sefirot, with all the inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human levels.

The whole revelation of this HaVaYaH occurs only in the sensations of the created being inside itself, in its attainment of itself. Every degree of development and revelation of the HaVaYaH, of a continuously greater perception of the self, has the same details as the initial HaVaYaH that is in the Malchut of Infinity.

The difference between the levels is only the “coarseness” of matter, which becomes less and less spiritual as it descends. However, to the same extent, it also becomes more and more perceived by itself.

The levels draw further away from the Light, since the desire to enjoy becomes more and more revealed, until it reaches the lowest degree – our world. However, all the worlds, all the degrees from Malchut of Infinity to our world, contain the same details without exception, which are connected with each other and exist one beneath the other. This is why we have an opportunity to rise from our state to a higher one.

The lower level is incapable of understanding the Upper Level until reaching its level. (Incidentally, that is why we shouldn’t judge other until we are in their shoes; each person judges others according to his own egoism). However, when we aspire to become similar to the Upper One and imagine him, we are like children who strive to become adults, and that us how we rouse Ohr Makif (the Light of Correction) upon us, which reveals the Upper Degree to us.

Therefore, when we imagine ourselves to be more bestowing than we are in actuality, we thereby rouse the Light of a higher degree on ourselves. We cause a higher degree to draw us closer to itself and to raise us to its level.

All the degrees exist parallel and simultaneously, and their nature differs only in regard to matter, the intention of bestowal. Because of this, we always have an opportunity to rise to higher degrees. That is the whole method of revealing the Creator – the science of Kabbalah.

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  1. So, the current Kabbalah method which can be spread through dissemination is from below upward and the disclosed one which is restricted is above downward, and the below ascend to upper?

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