A Scale For Measuring Spiritual Concepts

newworld Our work is to rise above assessment by the principle of “sweet versus bitter” to assessment by the principle of “truth versus false.” After all, the Creator is called Truth.

The word “truth” (Emet) consists of the letters: Alef-Mem-Tav. Alef and Tav are the first and last letters of the alphabet, symbolizing desires on two different ends of the spectrum. Mem, which is in the middle, is the quality of Bina, which we can use to connect these two ends and reach correction, the Truth.

The only way to find out what is true and what is false is within a group of Kabbalists, an environment. Inside oneself, an individual doesn’t have any ability to do this, since he possesses only one parameter – the ego. In order to perform a measurement, one absolutely needs another parameter, which is outside of him.

After studying for a long time and performing many clarifications in the group, a beginner Kabbalist begins to feel that he exists in a general, global system of desires, among other “points in the heart.” In relation to this particular environment, he has an opportunity to acquire new sensuous concepts: drawing closer to or further away from it, a feeling of its global system, his inclusion in it, the need for its support, and a realization that it is the place where he will reveal the Upper World and the Creator.

However, in the meantime, the interaction of two forces – myself and the environment, is formed inside me. The environment will increase in weight in order to counteract my “I” – the ego. A new system of governance will arise, which will be outside of me, and which I will begin to consider and see as the salvation, the lever that can pull me out of my state – this world.

I measure “myself versus the environment,” and as a result of my measurements, I acquire quantitative and qualitative degrees of measuring spiritual relationships and forces. I thus build a linear scale: I am on one end, and the group is on the other. Using this scale, I can already examine, measure, and depict the Upper World.

From the relationship of “myself and the group,” a spiritual cell forms in me, and I can measure all of reality above me through that cell. That is how I build a soul inside myself.

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