Self-Install The Program of Life Into Your Lifeless Computer

programoflife We will never perform the right action unless we bring the Creator into the connections between us. We have to get the strength and the intelligence to execute the action from Him. In addition, throughout this whole process, from the beginning to the very end, we should always pursue His revelation to us. This is the subject of the science of Kabbalah.

Baal HaSulam writes the following in the article, “The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah”: “The wisdom of Kabbalah is the revelation of His Godliness to His creatures in this world.” The Creator is a force that acts, gives us intelligence, feelings, and desires, and stirs our matter to move. He forces us to understand who we are and pushes us to develop, performing actions inside us and leading us toward the final goal.

Matter itself is merely a desire to enjoy; it is inanimate matter. It is like computer hardware that remains lifeless until provided the electrical power, programs, and data that it needs to produce an end result. We are the same: the “equipment” itself is invariable; what changes is its inner filling – the Creator’s force which clothes into the person. We are lifeless “equipment,” where everything besides the “hardware” – our mind, thoughts, desires, and feelings, as well as all their changes until the final result is achieved – all of this is the Creator that fills us.

Therefore, it is definitely not enough for us to unite with each other as elements of one mechanism, but it is important to know right from the start: by what program and for what sake we will act! The Creator is not just our companion who gets to have a part in our path and the outcome. He is, in fact, our entire fulfillment. All we can do is express our request for Him to reveal Himself, His program, actions, and qualities inside us.

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