Concealment Is The Eternal Engine of Attainment

How to Keep Effective Virtual Connections A question I received: Who gives names to spiritual objects like Mocha Stima (concealed mind), Mocha De-Ovira (membrane in the brain), the head of Arich Anpin, Atik, and the unknown head of Infinity? How do we come to know these names?

My Answer: When Kabbalists attain these objects, they naturally (instinctively) give them these names. Anyone who discovers a new spiritual object or phenomenon also discovers its name within himself. It’s a bit like being able to look at a person you’ve never met before and correctly guessing his name.

Question cont’d: So why do they write that the Partzuf is concealed or unknown?

My Answer: Because only when we attain something can we actually assert that it is unknown to us. It’s the same as how a scientist in our world investigating an unknown phenomenon can assert that at some point, there is a particular boundary where something unknown to him begins.

Question cont’d: Then how do we attain the Upper System that controls us if we don’t understand it?

My Answer: It is precisely the sensation of lack of knowledge that pushes us to advance and develop, compelling us to build a special connection to the Upper Level. That is why the Upper System, called Aba ve Ima, Arich Anpin and Atik, is not fully revealed to us. Lacking precise knowledge of this system, we discern certain parts of it and keep being drawn to progress onwards, toward complete understanding.

It is like a flirtation between the Upper One and the lower one, according to the principle, “By revealing one part, two parts are concealed.” This happens in order for the lower one to develop a greater desire for the next revelation.

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