Pulling Away The Veil Of Advertising And Imposed Standards

Why Do We See Such a Diverse World Psychologists agree that our behavior is defined by the models and characters we’re exposed to during childhood and later in life through advertisements, movies and other media sources. Our teachers shape our psyche by cultivating stereotypes of conduct and opinion, which we accept as fact. These stereotypes sit deep in our subconscious and define our outlook on life.

I look at the world through these stereotypes; they are the basis of my value system and I use them to evaluate the importance of anything that happens in life.

The whole world is a reflection of our inner value system. We don’t see the real world, but rather we see the world through the prism of automatically generated stereotypes that were instilled in us by society. We are therefore unable to rid ourselves of these stereotypes, and consequently cannot free ourselves from our involuntary outlook on the world.

However, by studying Kabbalah we develop an additional, new sense and activate new behavioral models that are of a “bestowing” nature. When we perceive the world through this sense, we become free of the world’s opinion, and gain personal freedom.

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