Our “Facts” Are Purely Subjective

facts A question I received: What is a fact?

My Answer: A fact for me is what I feel (see, hear, smell, taste, and touch) through my five senses. It’s something that I can compare to something else, measure and remember. However, it is only a fact for me; it is an entirely subjective piece of information that is intertwined with me, my brain and my senses.

Another creature would interpret the same “fact” in a different way, and for him, my personal impression of the same thing would not be “a fact.” Usually we can only receive a confirmation of our “facts” from those who are similar to us.

Question cont’d: But my inner state is constantly changing, so what happens to facts that I previously interpreted?

My Answer: We talk about our impressions as if they were facts. When we change, however, we start recognizing new facts. It is possible for old and new facts to contradict each other, since they are all subjective and depend on the observer.

We understand everything through our “material selves” which are the sum of our desires. Our desires are constantly developing and new facts arise within them. Facts can also evolve as we gain a greater understanding of something, similar to how modern relativity and the quantum theory expanded upon Newton’s understanding. Newton’s old facts or laws are still valid, but only under certain conditions such as low gravity, motion well below light speed, and interactions above the atomic level.

We view everything through our desires, and we measure facts at various levels of the “thickness” (Aviut) of our desires. As a result we perceive the same events through a variety of layers (or intensities) of desires. These layers are not conflicting and exist concurrently, causing different interpretations of the same events.

For example, when spirituality becomes revealed to a person, it does not cancel out the material world. On the contrary, it exposes it at a higher level, revealing the causes and effects that govern our material existence.

In summary, a fact remains a fact only as long as you remain on the same level.

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