Our Lives Are A Waking Dream

waking How do I know what is happening in the world around me? Something hits my ear drums, goes through my nervous system and produces electro-chemical processes in my brain. These processes cross reference each other and I then decipher this information and compare it with what’s already stored in my brain. All of this happens in order for me to be able to distinguish sounds, make words out of them and eventually understand the meaning behind them.

There are many processes taking place in our brain to allow us to acquire “outside” knowledge and receive impressions from it. We understand these systems because they exist at various levels of our desire to be fulfilled: inanimate, vegetative, animate and human. This is where electrical and chemical reactions take place as well their deciphering and cross-referencing.

All of these processes contain a desire to be fulfilled; everything takes place within that desire. Our subconscious filters information before it ever enters our thought process. Any unfavorable information is filtered out and we pick up only the desirable information, although that can also include frightening things.

We “belong” to our desires and that’s why we perceive a distorted picture of reality. However, we are not aware of these defects and only see the ready-made picture that our subconscious filters.

That is why we cannot uncover the spiritual realm in our current state. Our current perception only depicts pictures of our material reality. We have nothing to compare those pictures with and therefore no one realizes where we actually are. We don’t even sense ourselves – it’s as if we’re asleep.

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