Love For Others Gives You The Ability To Feel Your Soul

feelyoursoul A question I received: Why is it that despite my ability to feel other people’s desires, I continue to think mostly of myself? How do I resolve this conflict?

My Answer: You only think of others because you want to use them for your own benefit. Therefore, it’s obvious that you feel them and would even like to strengthen this ability.

If I want to deceive someone, I have to have a good sense of that person and understand them well. In order to trick someone I have to become a good psychologist and penetrate into their mind and heart. Then I will know how to manipulate them to my benefit.

The ability to sense others doesn’t necessarily indicate anything. What matters is whose desires are more significant to you – yours or theirs?

It is written: “Do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you,” which means that you should not use your neighbor for the purpose of advancing your own interests. But later it was written: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Does the phrase “as yourself” mean that half of the profit should go to me and half to him? No! It means that you should love only your neighbor the way you previously loved only yourself.

From now on, you have to start treating yourself the same way as you previously treated your neighbor when you took advantage of him. You have to start thinking about how you can use yourself in order to be of service to him.

You switch places: He takes your place and you take his. Your neighbor becomes more important to you than yourself. That’s what we call “bestowal.”

There is just one example of this interaction between people in our world: a mother and her child. When we make the transition to sensing others, we acquire the ability to begin sensing our own soul. This is actually the only way to feel it, since our soul consists of desires that are outside of us. By feeling those external desires, you can begin to feel the Creator within them.

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