Giving And Receiving In The Spiritual World (Advanced)

maaserA question I received: You often mention that everyone has to attain the quality of bestowal. But when someone’s giving, it means that someone else is receiving, doesn’t it?

My Answer: Yes, but the person that receives does so in order to give, in order to please the giver with his reception. The balance you speak of remains, but on another level, free of reception.

I am taking from you because my action gives you the opportunity to show your love to me. In that case, my response is not called reception, since I am doing it for your sake.

The spiritual system works according to the principle where you don’t receive anything from anyone; all you can do is give. You give to everyone. You fulfill them and they are pleased to receive from you, because that way they can demonstrate their quality of bestowal to you. When a person receives in this case, he is actually giving. That is to say, he offers others an opportunity to give to him.

In our egoistic world, family members who love one another can establish a similar kind of relationship, where each one indulges the other by acting the way the other one wants.

But that’s still a small, animate level. In the spiritual world, however, such relationships make us similar to the Creator, because we bestow and are able to boundlessly receive from others in a reciprocal relationship.

Then each one of us and all of us together become “conductors” of endless information and energy through the entire creation.

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10 Big Recession Surprises (Clue: One Involves Sex)

worldIn the News (from Time): Surging unemployment, tight credit and depressed housing prices are common components of a recession. But rarely do they occur at once, like now, and endure for so long. But it is hardly the only oddity. The rules for tough times are being rewritten almost daily. Here are some other ways this recession is rewriting the rules:

1. Soup: A Recession Staple No More
2. Organic Food Sales Remain Strong
3. Loan Rates Remain Stubbornly High
4. Movie Ticket Sales Are Booming
5. Intimacy Takes a Hit
6. Sin Industry Goes to Hell
7. There Are No Safe Havens
8. Trade is Getting Clobbered
9. Nail Salons Are Getting Nailed
10. The Rich Feel it Too

My Comment: Apparently people still haven’t figured out the fundamental difference of this crisis: that it comes from the lack of a benevolent connection between people, and not from the lack of any other connections, whether political, economic, or anything else. Meanwhile, people are still trying to pinpoint the external consequences…

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