Your New Environment – Bnei Baruch

We Must Only Unite Our Points In the HeartA question I received: Baal HaSulam says that our entire freedom lies only in choosing our environment. But if we were to choose our environment now, wouldn’t our choice be based on what we received from our previous environment?

My Answer: We choose a new environment under the influence of a new spiritual Reshimo: suddenly a desire for something “beyond this world” arises in us, and then we are somehow brought into contact with a new environment – Bnei Baruch. This is where your new path begins. And it’s the same for everyone. This is why we (Bnei Baruch) exist.

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  1. Yes! And we need the FREEDOM to choose Altruism. Rav, please review this video:

    We are deprived of Our freedom to choose the right environment because our environment is owned and operated by the world system of Usury.

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