New Relationships Of Trust And Cooperation Are The Way To Come Out Of The Crisis

Analysis of the CrisisNews Report (from Financial Times):German bond sale’s fate signals trouble ahead” A German sovereign bond auction failed on Wednesday as investors shunned one of the most liquid and safe assets in the world in a warning for governments seeking to raise record amounts of debt to stimulate slowing economies. The fate of the first eurozone bond auction of 2009 signals trouble ahead as governments around the world hope to issue an estimated $3,000bn in debt this year, three times more than in 2008.

My Comment: We will continue to reveal the lack of the correct interactions in the whole world among all its parts. This will become clearer as it finds expression in people’s lack of trust, faith, unwillingness to participate, and so on – until we realize that it’s necessary to create new relationships: those of mutual trust and cooperation.

These relationships can only arise once we see the interconnected system that we have suddenly found ourselves in. And for this to happen, we need explanations, education, and upbringing that teach people about the world’s globality.

So what means will we use to come out of the crisis?

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