Excessive Production Is A Thing Of The Past

prosperNews Report (from Commodity Online): According to a new IBM national survey of 30,000 US consumers, they are changing their shopping habits to deal with shifting budgets and incomes. The study, titled ‘Shopper Advocacy: Building Consumer Trust in the New Economic Environment,’ shows that tighter budgets and lower confidence have fundamentally changed consumer behavior.

My Comment: This is why no bailouts or purchase incentives will help the financial situation. We have passed a psychological turning point. As long as society’s feeling of financial security is not restored, people will not spend a cent beyond necessity. Egoism is growing and changing, and people are no longer willing to throw around their money – the times have changed. So we shouldn’t try to bring back excessive production or luxury vacations all over the world. Instead, it’s best to engage people in something more useful for their souls and bodies – and for the ecology too!

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