A Song In Memory of Rabash

A Song in Memory of RabashToday is the anniversary of my Teacher’s passing (Yahrtzeit). Rabash was a great Kabbalist, the last in the lineage of the passage of the Knowledge of the Creator, from Adam until our times. This lineage ended with Rabash, Rav Baruch Shalom HaLevi Ashlag (1906 – 1991).

We, “Bnei Baruch” (“The Sons of Baruch”), are named after him, and we reveal this knowledge (the method of the souls’ correction) to our generation, the first generation of correction. We are bringing this knowledge to the point of practical use: private and common correction, and are creating a structure for the Kabbalistic society of the future.

Here is a song called “Teacher,” composed by my student from Russia, Igor Irtishky, with lyrics by Dina Baiter.

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  1. very cool, the base at the beginning had me thinking it was hip hop haha..

    always in our hearts.

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