The Moral Norms of a Kabbalist

The Moral Norms of a KabbalistA question I received: I have a question about the moral norms of people who study Kabbalah. You have explained that there is no time or space in spirituality, and our actions in the physical realm are insignificant. What matters is only our mental connection with one another and our thoughts about the Creator. Are you saying that a person who studies Kabbalah in a group can do anything he wants to in the corporeal world, without observing any moral norms, but turn into a wonderful friend as soon as he shows up to the lesson?

My Answer: We are dealing with people who are in the process of development and correction. Their egoism is developing quickly, and only later this is followed by slow and gradual correction. I have been observing this for thirty years already. How many years does a child have to spend getting his diapers dirty and getting help from others until he grows up? In other words, we have to remain patient for many years while the Upper Light does its work, and then the person becomes different! What else can you do, if “man is evil from birth?” It is forbidden to force him to conceal his evil. This will stop his correction, since he won’t be aware of his own evil.

In addition, when one studies Kabbalah one’s evil grows until reaching a state when one cannot tolerate it anymore. This is a wonderful moment because then one is ready to ask the Creator to help him get rid of the evil.

Observing moral norms looks good on the outside, but it is harmful if it prevents one from seeing his flaws. The only solution is to give people the method of correction and the environment for actualizing this method.

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