The Woman’s Correction

Two questions I received on the correction of a woman’s soul

Question: You have provided many explanations about a man’s path of correction – he studies, works in the group, and through this attracts upon himself the Light that returns to the source and corrects his soul. I’m trying to understand how a woman corrects her soul, and the only answer I can find is that she doesn’t attract upon herself the Light that returns to the source, that this is the man’s work, and that a woman needs to study and disseminate, and this way she corrects her soul. Can you give a more detailed explanation of the spiritual process that a woman’s soul goes through when she studies and disseminates on her path to correction?

My Answer: The difference is:
1. A woman does not unite with other women in a group, in “love for her neighbor or for her girlfriends,” but rather she unites with other women only through helping each other disseminate Kabbalah.
2. She doesn’t receive help directly from above, the way the men’s group does, but receives it through the men’s group. This is explained in the story about the reception of the Torah, where the men carry out the condition of Mutual Guarantee (Arvut), and the women support them with their desire. As a result they receive it together – the men conduct the Light to the women. The difference is only the order in which they receive the Light from above, and it practically doesn’t matter. That is to say, a woman doesn’t feel it in any way if she studies and disseminates. Moreover, a woman should study Kabbalah only to the extent that she feels a need to do so, and no more than that, whereas the men are obligated to study between one and three hours a day.

Question: Today women are reaching the same spiritual states that you, the men, are going through. But you have a safety net – a group of Bnei Baruch wives. What about us – women and mothers, and what about our children?

My Answer: The men of the world Kli have the support of the women’s part of the world Kli. This is what I feel, whereas you are looking at bodies instead of spiritual desires. A spiritual desire is not connected to the body, it’s beyond it. Imagine the world without our bodies – a space filled with uncorrected desires that aspire to be filled, rather than to bestow to one another and connect into one common desire. These desires subdivide into active ones – masculine, and passive ones – feminine. It’s similar to conception, where the male cells move and penetrate the female cells. And then a new body is born – a common desire.

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  1. I am a new student in the vertual group . I love my classes and hope,that my point in the heart is awaikening. I am very interested, however, my husband,who supports me in my study process, does not want to study with me. I am worried that it might create frictions in our marriage in the future , and since I am not clear yet on the role of the woman in non Kabbalistic family,I would like to know  if in the future when I will start to attract Light,would it “shine” on my family too?

  2. I have no husband. I am in my mid 60s and am no longer feeling any strong inclination toward sexual expression. As a non-sexual being, I am not likely to attract the individual attentions and loyalty of a male. My son is a grown man. I am beyond the age of having children, and I have had a hysterectomy, so I am not able to produce a child in my old age as Sarah did.

    I have always supported myself financially through my work, since a young age, but now I am retired. Materially, I live on my retirement income and although I am willing to work for material sustenance again it would be very difficult for me in this world to find a lucrative position or to obtain sufficient payment for work like I did when I was younger.

    Why should “the men of the world Kli” have my support but I NOT have the support of the “men of the world Kli”? Why would I and other women NOT be able to unite with each other in a group? Why would I not be able to be a full member of the community? Why would I not “receive help directly from above”?

    IF “A SPIRITUAL DESIRE IS NOT CONNECTED TO THE BODY” then WHY would my spiritual growth be limited by the body I was born into?

    Is it necessary for me to die from this body before I can be a full member of the community of souls, and yet possible for all in male bodies to achieve the community of souls without dying?

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