Study, Work and Dissemination

Study, Work and DisseminationThree questions I received on study, work and dissemination

Question: Does it matter how much time I spend studying – two hours or half an hour? Will I attract more Ohr Makif (Surrounding Light) if I study for two hours?

My Answer: It’s sufficient to study between one to three hours a day. The most important thing is your intention while studying. Read the “Introduction to Talmud Eser Sefirot,” Items 10-20, which discusses this. You should divide your time so that half of it is used for studying and half for disseminating Kabbalah in the world. And it’s best to do both of these in a group – either physical or virtual.

Question: After Kabbalah lessons, we are faced with life, work or school. What should I do when I am at school?

My Answer: Push aside all thoughts about Kabbalah and only do what you are supposed to. Later you will be able to combine the two correctly.

Question: Can I disseminate even if I still don’t understand what Kabbalah is talking about?

My Answer: The understanding will come to you gradually, precisely to the extent that you participate in dissemination. Look at the example of Joshua – he helped Moshe disseminate the knowledge, helped arrange things, but he didn’t study himself. By helping, he mastered the knowledge and became Moshe’s successor – the spiritual leader of the nation. Kabbalah isn’t passed down through diligence and intellectual understanding, but through one’s desire to be in this knowledge: desire = Kli! This is why it’s written about Kabbalah, “It’s not the smart one who understands (but the one who aspires).”

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