Divorce Is Morally Acceptable and Adultery Is Morally Unacceptable – So Say the Majority in a Recent American Survey

Recent American Survey Says Divorce Is Morally Acceptable and Adultery Is Morally UnacceptableNews Story: Cultural Tolerance for Divorce Grows to 70%

The Gallup service published the results of a traditional survey where Americans were asked to evaluate the moral acceptability of various actions. The survey results show that U.S. residents regard divorce as the most morally acceptable act from the list, while adultery receives the most disapproval.

My Comment: Why is it considered “moral” to break up a family and separate its children in order to satisfy people’s individuality, their egoism? It’s because the society that judges such values as morally acceptable is the same society that places most of its value on the individual. Simply put, divorce and destroying the family is much easier than building the family and developing it, so people view divorce as being something normal.

On the other hand, animalistic affairs, relationships without any deep feelings that are forgotten about as soon as they’re over with, and that take place much more often than divorce, are for some reason looked upon as being the most morally unacceptable acts.

Is this a high level of morality? Is it self deception? Or is it a special institution in a deceitful society? It’s quite possible that any kind of a moral evaluation of behavior has been replaced by whatever people find most convenient. In this same manner, all the “honest” men and their “faithful” wives together scoffed at Clinton! Could it be that people really can’t judge themselves properly? People’s egoism blinds them.

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  1. Is it moral to continue to live as a family, if the striff between the mom and dad is so much that is negatively affecting the children? Which morality takes presidence, keeping the family together at all cost (even after couple therapy has failed), or raising happy, healthy children?

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