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I Am My Own Worst Enemy

Laitman_408 A question I received: Who is a person’s worst enemy in the spiritual work?

My Answer: The worst enemy is the person himself, his qualities, which are opposite to the Creator! They are revealed to us gradually, to the extent that we can oppose them. Otherwise, we would be paralyzed and unable to do even a single inner or external action. Therefore, the concealment is revealed to us incrementally, showing us that we really do not exist as some individual!

A small piece of truth is revealed to me only to the extent that I am able to hold onto the Creator. In regard to all other thoughts, desires, and qualities, I am not shown just how much I am controlled from above. It is instilled in me that I seemingly determine everything on my own. In other words, only gradually is it disclosed to me that I actually do not exist – I am just a puppet, whose strings are being pulled!

However, to the extent that I am able to annul myself before my environment and the Creator, and use my freedom of choice, I am granted independence. An opportunity is revealed to me to build more and more minor parts of my independent personality – until I ascend in all my magnitude. This means that I will exist in adhesion with the Creator – in the opposite desire, but in the same intention.

It turns out that we never come out from the authority of the Upper Force, but progressively the concealment diminishes according to our willingness to adhere to the Creator. It is as though a curtain draws apart in front of me. At first I am in pitch darkness, where I think that I exist and have independence. To the extent that I will be able to tolerate the fact that I am helpless, to endure this inner blow, this shame, and to adhere to the Creator, the curtain will be drawn apart more and more for me, and the concealment will fade.

Everything depends on my sensations. The state itself does not change – only my perception changes.

Unity Happens Only On The Spiritual Level

Laitman_728_03 Unity amongst us builds our new reality. I’m not speaking about creating this unity ourselves and “behaving” as if we are united. This unity isn’t on the level of this world as in when everyone is on good terms with one another. Unity is the revelation of the spiritual connection between us in the vessel for the Light. We only need to want the Upper Force to realize this unity for us.

The wisdom of Kabbalah wasn’t revealed to build communism and kibbutzim in our world. Kabbalah helps us reveal the spiritual relations between us, not material relations. The goal is completely different in its essence.

Don’t try to build good corporeal relationships, but strive to reveal the Creator between you. In this way, your spiritual connection will be realized. We need to attract the Light of Correction to do this work, to build spiritual connections between us. It is precisely in these connections that we will feel the Creator. This will be the optimal solution for all the problems.

This isn’t what idealists dreamed of in trying to build the “City of the Sun” on this planet. We’re not building a good life in this world. We have a much greater goal before us; although of course, our corporeal life will also become corrected at the end. Once we attain inner harmony, we will also experience perfection in our corporeal world. However, this only will happen under the condition that we attract the Upper Light which will correct our connection with one another. Our trying to do this with our own strength won’t make it happen.

Education In The Light Of Kabbalah

Dr Michael LaitmanA question I received: Isn’t it time to open a school founded on the principles of the science of Kabbalah?

My Answer: Of course, it is necessary to create an educational system founded on the principles of the science of Kabbalah. Even general subjects can be taught in the light of Kabbalah. Physics, chemistry, mathematics, and all the other subjects can be taught not simply, as they are, based on the results of the research of our world, but also as explanations of the Upper Force’s descent into our world, which formed this world and its laws.

The principles of the science of Kabbalah could help clarify how everything stems from the Upper Roots. With biology, you could explain that everything comes from the desire to enjoy and that matter develops according to a program of the inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human levels. With physics, you could study the desires that manifest in the laws of elementary particles and solid bodies. With astronomy and geography, you could explain why the entire system of astronomy (that is the solar system, the Earth, and so on) was formed. All of humankind’s history could be explained from the development of man’s primordial desire, its egoistic development, up to its future correction. The science of Kabbalah grants a foundation for every aspect of our world view.

Being In One Intention With The Light

Every Person Has to Find His Own Teacher A question I received: It usually takes time to enter the flow of The Zohar’s text. How can we speed up this entrance?

My Answer: This depends on a person’s state. It takes me at least 20 minutes, sometimes up to 40, to begin feeling The Zohar and connecting to it, to begin working together with it in one shared breathing, floating on its waves.

One has to keep reading and wait for it to happen. But the time of preparation is not a waste. It is great work, a time when a person must have faith that The Zohar will soon be revealed to him. You already have experience and you know how it happens. You understand that all you have to do is continue and eventually some sort of connection will open up.

By virtue of this connection, we begin to feel The Zohar, to perceive it closer to us. We begin to receive a greater illumination from it as the text “plays” with us, awakening inner changes.

This takes time; the time of preparation is necessary to establish contact with the book. This time is very important and you have to be patient, giving it as long as necessary. After all, it is very important for this to happen, and one has to be certain that it definitely will happen. You have to wait for it and desire it; by so doing you will connect with the book.

Later on you will feel that it isn’t just some picture becoming clear to you, but that you are entering an ocean of sensations and inner changes. You start to experience many ascents and descents as The Zohar makes you shift to the left or the right (with regard to your spiritual sensations). You will feel very clear and drastic phenomena taking place within you and will feel how the Upper Force operates within your matter.

Throughout it all, one’s advancement lies in the fact that one waits for the study to correct him, meaning to bring him to unity, love for the neighbor, and unity with the Creator. It is for this sake that one reads and makes efforts. In that case, one moves along in one intention with the Light.

Revealing The Reality Of Our Connection

free For the last few days, I have been feeling that many people are beginning to understand that our unity is created so that all of us, together, will reveal the reality of our connection with the Upper Force of nature. We are becoming a group which attracts people to the unification and revelation of the Creator within this unity. This is becoming clearer for people.

Our goal is to connect all of humanity to this Upper Force in order to rise to that level. This is already starting to penetrate our minds and sensations. The very initial connection between us and the Upper Force has opened.

We work on developing our unity by participating in daily lessons through the internet. We are following the method that I received from my great teacher Rabash, Rabbi Baruch Shalom HaLevi Ashlag, which is why our group is called Bnei Baruch (Sons of Baruch). Our uniting according to this goal is called Dvekut (merging with the Creator), our final state.

Why Is The Zohar So Complicated?

climate.jpgA question I received: Why is The Zohar very complicated?

My Answer: I spent two years studying anatomy in college, where I learned an infinite number of details and names. And this science only studies individual parts of the human organism, not the links between them. But there are systems within it that we do not even know exist. Though we try, we cannot completely examine the systems that we do know because there is no end to their complexity. Basically, this question is not about The Zohar, but rather about why all of nature is extremely complicated.

The Zohar presents all of reality to us. This includes man, nature, all the worlds (this entire system), and not only its structure, anatomy, parts of this system, and links between them, but its entire operation, function, and its revelation to each one of us according to our position within it.

Our world is like a grain of sand in relation to all the spiritual worlds. There, every element is a billion times greater, not in size, but in complexity in all the connections. The higher the level, the more complicated it is because it incorporates all of the lower degrees.

Where does this complexity come from? In reality, it is infinite. But we need some kind of a boundary, otherwise the object escapes our sensations and attainment. “Lack of boundaries” is like the absence of everything; to me, infinity equals the lack of existence.

This infinite variety of the Upper World emanates from the opposite qualities of the Light and the desire (Kli). They are completely opposite and there is no connection between them. If I wanted to build something between them using their connection, I would get an infinite system.

I am speaking from the point of view of mathematics, and not a spiritual perspective. Take a “1” and a “0,” between these two points there is infinity. It is impossible to connect them. How many numbers are there between zero and one? An infinite amount.

Thus, it turns out that we are unable to perceive this with our brain and with reason in our world. But when we come out of our limitations of the desire to receive, rise above it to another dimension, the desire to bestow, the problem disappears. Everything shifts from the quantitative measure to the qualitative measure. And we easily manage qualities because we perceive them through feelings and not our brain. And our feelings have no problems feeling things that lack precise measure.

The Surrounding Light Is The Glue That Makes Us “Stick” Together

correct What is the Light that Reforms? In what way does it reform us and how? Imagine the common soul as a circle consisting of broken pieces that are unconnected. We have to restore this connection in order to feel eternal life within the common soul.

Imagine that a sculptor has made a statue of a person and then broke it into pieces. Instead of a whole statue, there is now a pile of broken pieces. These pieces are living souls that desire to assemble back together into a whole statue, but they just can’t manage to “stick” to each other. When they attempt to unite, they discover giant forces of repulsion among them.

They are trying to come closer to each other and to recreate the statue of a person who is similar to the Creator, but they aren’t able to do it. And that’s because they don’t have the glue that will make them stick together.

After numerous attempts to come closer and stick together, the parts become convinced that they are unable to connect together on their own, yet only unity will save them. They then realize that only the Upper Force, the force that created the statue in the first place, and the force that deliberately broke it, will be able to glue these parts back together into a single whole.

However, it will do so only when the parts request it. This request is called asking for the Light that Reforms.

If we desire to unite and ask for help in doing this, then we are asking the Creator to be the force that will unite us like glue. This is how we return to the initial form of the statue – the common soul of Adam HaRishon.

The Three Day Preparation

каббалист Михаэль ЛайтманA question I received: Prior to the reception of the Torah, the people of Israel performed a special preparation for three days. How can we prepare in the best possible way during the three days preceding the Zohar Convention 2010?

My Answer: These three days are called “days of restriction”; it is when you completely detach from everything you had before.

We know from the science of Kabbalah that the screen, which rises with the Reshimot when the Light exits the Partzuf, ascending from Tabur to Peh, needs to go through three stages. Once it reaches the third stage, it loses all connection with the first stage.

In the same way, a person who is in the first stage raises to the next degree, where there is an emanation of Reflected Light, which descends to the previous degree – the first stage. When the person rises one degree higher, he also emanates these Lights onto the two previous levels.

After going through these three stages or three days (limitations), one reaches a state where he has no connection to the “transgression” of the past. Therefore, we need to detach from everything we had or knew before and prepare for the correction of our desires. This is how we’ll be able to reveal the Upper Force inside us.

The Stages Of Development Are Always The Same

clip_image001A question I received: Does the preparation for the forthcoming The Zohar Convention 2010 intensify according to the same levels — still, vegetative, animate and speaking — as does any development in nature?

My Answer: Yes, this happens with any development, including the evolution of desires. They also go through the four stages of the Direct Light, HaVaYaH (Yod-Hey-Vav-Hey), and the same applies to the Congress as well. When a person starts thinking about the Congress and preparing for it, he goes through ascents and descents. Sometimes he wants to attend the Congress and sometimes he doesn’t. But if at the end of it all he reaches a final decision to attend, then he comes to the Congress truly prepared.

He has to understand why he is going and what he wants to get out of it, as well as where the rest of the world, including his job, family, and health stand in relation to it. He has to calculate everything and arrive at the question: “What is the meaning of my life?” Which cannot be answered by anything besides Kabbalah.

Experience has to show him that at the end of the day, everything else in life depends on some unknown factor, whose Source is revealed to us by the science of Kabbalah. This Source is the Upper Force, and by connecting to it a person gains a tool that enables him to correct everything he has in this world and in the spiritual one.

If a person discerns everything fully according to the HaVaYaH structure, then there is no doubt he will come prepared to the Congress.

Behind The Words In The Book Of Zohar

clip_image001When we read The Book of Zohar, we not only try to imagine our inner desires and qualities behind all the words, we also try to see that one Upper Force whose presence permeates all these inner definitions. This Upper Force desires that we reveal it in this manner.

There are three dimensions here:

1.    Me – the one who feels, reads, and understands these words in a simple way;
2.    The words which I wish to imagine in the form of my inner forces and qualities;
3.    The Upper Force which conceals itself behind these forces, and which I attempt to penetrate trying to interpret them correctly.

As Baal HaSulam says in the article, “Thou Hast Hemmed Me In Behind and Before,” regardless of whether a person is in the state of revelation or concealment and throughout everything he feels and imagines, all of his efforts are aimed at revealing one single force – the Creator. This is the force that is constantly governing us.

However, He desires to be revealed by me through my efforts to become similar to Him, meaning according to the similarity of qualities. This is why He acts in this manner.

Therefore, The Book of Zohar is a collection of exercises which, starting from the very first word, we need to carry out continuously. We then begin to perceive all these words on the sensory level rather than with the mind, making it not as difficult to penetrate. The text begins to become clearer for us through the forms and combinations of letters, and we do not need to “think” about this.

This is the same way that a little child learns. He does not think about why things are called this or that in particular or why he imagines and recognizes them in such a manner. This is clear to him. We are the same in this regard. However, in addition to the fact that we try to recognize some inner quality of ours behind every word, we also need to see the goal behind it – that same force which supports us, thereby giving us an opportunity to reveal it.

This is much like an adult playing with a child. The Creator plays with us this way as well. He gives us certain exercises and how successfully we perform them depends upon us. The system exists. The law is established and cannot be violated.

Therefore, we need to try to see that single force – the Creator, through all the words that we read in The Book of Zohar. And although we are reading about different forces which are foreign, opposite to one another, good and evil, we need to recognize the only force that exists behind them: a force that is good and does good, which controls everything only to our benefit, in order to draw us closer to the goal.