I Am My Own Worst Enemy

Laitman_408 A question I received: Who is a person’s worst enemy in the spiritual work?

My Answer: The worst enemy is the person himself, his qualities, which are opposite to the Creator! They are revealed to us gradually, to the extent that we can oppose them. Otherwise, we would be paralyzed and unable to do even a single inner or external action. Therefore, the concealment is revealed to us incrementally, showing us that we really do not exist as some individual!

A small piece of truth is revealed to me only to the extent that I am able to hold onto the Creator. In regard to all other thoughts, desires, and qualities, I am not shown just how much I am controlled from above. It is instilled in me that I seemingly determine everything on my own. In other words, only gradually is it disclosed to me that I actually do not exist – I am just a puppet, whose strings are being pulled!

However, to the extent that I am able to annul myself before my environment and the Creator, and use my freedom of choice, I am granted independence. An opportunity is revealed to me to build more and more minor parts of my independent personality – until I ascend in all my magnitude. This means that I will exist in adhesion with the Creator – in the opposite desire, but in the same intention.

It turns out that we never come out from the authority of the Upper Force, but progressively the concealment diminishes according to our willingness to adhere to the Creator. It is as though a curtain draws apart in front of me. At first I am in pitch darkness, where I think that I exist and have independence. To the extent that I will be able to tolerate the fact that I am helpless, to endure this inner blow, this shame, and to adhere to the Creator, the curtain will be drawn apart more and more for me, and the concealment will fade.

Everything depends on my sensations. The state itself does not change – only my perception changes.

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  1. its so strange to come across your post today….
    had a glimpse of what you were saying this afternoon…the fact that i am actually nothing..and this weird sensation listening to some good music that..although something inside me is loving it and totally connecting.. there is nothing ..no me.. no music too…and i was crying.. not sad at all… not unbelieveable… but for the fact that this is the actual truth.. cant deny that.. there was no sadness… cos there is nothing to be sad about… but no happiness either.. just blank.. numb.. and i knew its a fleeting feeling.. i will be back in moments to the real world …. into my life.. work. emotions.. deadlines.. worries.. thrills…. its almost like two parallell worlds.. and this world i had a glimpse of shows itself up rarely … and its getting a tad more frequent .. never knew it earlier…
    anyways have you felt the same way?.. is this your own conclusion..like not read conclusion but your own experience too..and would you know …how to reconcile and live with both facts.. or do you even need to .. or can you keep switching back and forth…. sometimes i dont know “whats real”
    just wanted to know..

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