Landmarks On The Path

Laitman_720 A question I received: What is the most difficult revelation that we need to perform in order to reveal the spiritual world?

My Answer: In order to enter spirituality, we need to gradually cut off ourselves from our “I,” as though it does not exist. It is as though my former “I” dies. We don’t understand what the sensation of life is. For us life is a sensation of our own power and strength; it is when we think that we control ourselves and our lives on our own on both the inside and outside.

When we enter spirituality, we feel that our egoistic “I” dies. We become free from it, as it is written, “The dead are free!” I gradually reject more and more parts of myself as long as I rise above my ego. I want to be free of this dependence so much that I am willing to endure any blows to my own ambitions, as long as I rise above it. I even begin to like these blows, since I understand that it is due to them that I ascend and become free of this bitter enemy sitting inside of me. I don’t identify myself with my ego anymore. Instead, I want it to get what it deserves. This is already a sign of nearing the Machsom.

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