The Zohar: The Gates Leading Upward

Laitman_704 There is a universal connection, a hierarchy, or chain in the common system of the souls. The development of the different types of souls happens according to this connection. In their development, the souls always depend on the preceding souls. They are connected like a father and son, cause and consequence, or teacher and student. However, there is one, special, exalted system above all the types of connections. It penetrates the system like a live organism and operates in different directions. This system is called the system of Rashbi.

It is the transition between the part of the system that is corrected and the part that is uncorrected. The corrected part is filled with Light and contains the corrected desires which are all ready for the common, final correction of the entire system. This part includes those that have already revealed the entire 125 degrees of the proper development of the common system of creation. The uncorrected part still needs to realize the state it is in and begin its correction. The uncorrected part is us, all the souls on the level of this world.

All of us will have to go through the step-by-step correction with the help of the system of Rashbi which is absolutely at the height of the 125th degree. The revelation and the influence of these corrected souls happens to us through those connections and preparations that they have built in the form of a system called The Zohar (the Light that descends from Arich Anpin of the world of Atzilut).They have created this kind of system for us so that we will find ourselves in a proper environment as we connect to it. After all, our entire development depends on the environment.

When we try to connect to The Zohar, we can receive everything we need for our correction from this system that represents the group of Rashbi and his students. These souls have made special corrections in the Upper Light in which we can clothe ourselves through The Zohar. Through them, we also can connect with the Light or with the Creator.

Rashbi uses The Zohar to reveal to us the gates that lead upward. He reveals them to the extent of the value that we give to the greatness of this system and our ability to connect to it with the purpose of using it to attain the spiritual goal.

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