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The Sweet Syrup Of Unity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If eventually everyone will know about the wisdom of Kabbalah, then is the mutual guarantee movement a temporary means?

Answer: Yes, but we don’t know how long it will take. After all, the point is not the name but in approaching people according to their desires. If in the meantime, a person wants to know how to succeed in his material life, I have to wrap my wisdom in wrappings that will be pleasant and comfortable for him.

On the whole it is about Lights and vessels, but for him these Lights should be expressed in good health, in his children’s education, in a comfortable life, a vacation, etc., so I explain to him that it is possible to attain all that by unity and by giving to others.

Its essence is the same: the correction of the vessel. There is no other activity in this world. The question is only on what level a person acknowledges this. I measure his exact level of awareness and always give him the dose that he can digest and which I understand is for his own good. I dress the corrections with “clothing” that he can accept since he sees that it is for his own good.

I don’t suggest that a person should give up his comfort and devote himself to hard work and to the well being of others. I offer him a pleasant way to unite, which he will actually enjoy and which will also bear good fruit. I don’t tell people that something bad may happen to them, I don’t assign a fee for the wellbeing; on the contrary, together we use the wonderful means and reach wonderful results.

Accordingly I don’t feel the mutual guarantee as an obligation either, but as pleasant mutual help and concern for one another. It is all in the form of a “sweet syrup,” like for children. These are the same corrections, but in a hidden manner.

Question: So at what point is there a switch from mutual guarantee to Kabbalah?

Answer: I don’t know. It may be in another 30-40 years and it may be tomorrow. You see how things are happening now at a much greater pace.

But it doesn’t matter to me, I do what I can at the current historical moment and not more than that.

Question: Will only those who study the wisdom of Kabbalah be able to understand the real reason for the problems?

Answer: That’s right. The others will reach it either by the path of suffering or through our dissemination.

We are not hiding the role of the wisdom of Kabbalah, but why should we shout it in vain? Since things are getting worse, we can explain to people the reason for what is going on. But again, we don’t promise that there will be new problems, but we provide solutions for the current problems. We don’t call this solution “the wisdom of Kabbalah,” but “unity.” Why should we use a term that scares some people and is repulsive to others? After all, we are not changing the meaning, but getting closer to people. We don’t wave our finger at them scolding them, and we don’t scare them with stories about approaching disasters; we don’t condemn the egoism but offer them an idea: “Let’s unite together correctly and we will all feel good.”

No one can object to this and we will overcome the disrespect—the main thing is to get started.

We should tell people what they want to hear, we should speak so that they can perceive our ideas and implement them in their everyday life. Otherwise they will hate you; they will block the idea and disparage and discredit it. This is why it says: “Educate a child in his own way.”
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/8/12, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar

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Arvut Movement Press Conference

On June 11th, the Israeli Writers’ House in Tel Aviv held a press conference of the social Arvut Movement that brought together representatives from all types of media: newspapers, radio, TV and the Internet: News of the Week, Satellite, Age, Reka, Nine, Zman.com, Mignews, etc.

The representatives of the movement talked about the objectives and basic directions of their activity and responded to questions.

The Arvut Movement strongly proclaimed itself in the hot summer of 2011 when the reality of the “global village” announced itself in the protest movement in the streets of Israeli cities. Integral relationships, which gripped the world, put everyone in very tough conditions and left Israel, with its tangle of problems, no room for error. The crisis quickly dispels the illusions of the past: If we don’t learn to live by new rules, we will be forced to study the science of survival.

And so, the main goal of the Arvut Movement is to consolidate the society on the basis of the principle of mutual guarantee. Disagreements and conflicts should not mislead us, although sometimes they seem unresolvable. We need to rise above what divides us and unite around common solutions to all problems.

The Arvut Movement quickly managed to unite thousands of people from all walks of life. Its materials are published in leading websites; it publishes books and pamphlets, gives lectures and organizes seminars in various organizations. Along with this, the movement focuses its forces on several major projects, covering the widest audiences.

The technique of integral education was developed by international efforts. The educational programs of the movement were presented in UNESCO and the UN. They are already used in U.S. prisons, and Šiauliai University signed an agreement to use the technique of integral education in their educational process.

In the media, the Israeli TV channel Arvut.tv is created on the basis of Channel 66. It serves as the foundation for programs on the subject of mutual guarantee, broadcasting the concept of the unity of society in a variety of genres, without which no modern problem can be solved.

Roundtables in Hebrew and Russian, which are regularly conducted throughout the country, are the flagship project of the movement. This scheme has been already used by dozens of cities, as well as colleges Tel Hai, Beit Berl, the University of Haifa, and even the Knesset (the Israeli general assembly). Here, polar points of view come in contact, and seemingly irreconcilable opponents find common ground.

This summer, the Arvut Movement, together with large public organizations such as the youth movement Scopus, Association of Community Centers, Council of Judea and Samaria, Kulanana, Union of Volunteers, Kenes Sderot le hevrah, youth movement Bnei Akiva, Israeli Students Association, Tnuat a-Noar Be Yisrael, Maccabi Hatzair youth movement, organization Maace, Israel’s Women’s Parliament, and women’s organization Ahoti (“My Sister”), are carrying out a wide campaign called “120 Roundtables: Public Dialogue or a Collective Position.” In the consolidation of society, we cannot do without mutual guarantee, and first of all, it requires a restructuring of values because society cultivates values based on division and stiff competition.

During the summer months, roundtable discussions will be simultaneously held in most cities of the country; they will be attended by representatives from all levels of government. This public campaign will be completed in the Knesset in November.

Of course, journalists had many questions: “Can the idealistic idea of mutual guarantee be combined with the tired society that believes in nothing? Where is the guarantee that a collision with the reality of the Israeli political kitchen does not become bitter disappointment?”

– “We are not an insurance company,” said Zion Alon, a strategic adviser to the movement. “Only one thing can be guaranteed: the failure of the old way has put us on the threshold of degradation.”

“But is not an attempt to negotiate with those who are guilty in this situation doomed to fail?”

– “We focus not on trying to negotiate, but on changing the approach to solving problems,” said Igor Dion, head of the Russian-speaking department of the Arvut Movement. “We find a firm basis of common interests, and only at this level do we begin to agree with each other. Any other approach automatically makes right the one who is strong.”

The word “utopia” sounded repeatedly in the audience.

– In Greek, it means a place that doesn’t exist, explained Emma Sotnikova, press secretary of the movement. “You need to create this place to change the relationship between people. Otherwise, Israel has no future. In the 21st century, in the information age, the “Fourth Power” becomes the first one. So, use it for good,” she encouraged journalists.

After the press conference ended, discussions and disputes continued on the sidelines, which made it obvious that the topics raised by the Arvut Movement were interesting for many of the invited guests.

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The Aim: Integral Unity!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What should we concentrate on now? Where should we direct our efforts? I mean dissemination and the group work.

Answer: In group work, we should direct our efforts to our workshops on Sundays.

On the other days, there must be at least some classes. I see that there are groups that study seriously. A lesson, in general, is organized and directed towards unity. Practically, the entire course material speaks about this. Even in The Study of the Ten Sefirot, it is speaking about unity, about the connection of souls between themselves. Everything that is described there is only the connection of souls in a single system.

Besides that, we have begun to create courses for training lecturers of the “Mutual Guarantee” movement, that is, lecturers for the 99%. They will become leaders and organizers of workshops, round tables, etc. Today, already around 300 people are ready, and new people are being added; a new wave is coming.

In our country [Israel], we have reached a point where we are invited as permanent lecturers and education consultants in schools, workplaces, city halls, and other places.

I think that within a few months, we will come to a point when the experts, prepared by us, will be able to start working in various organizations. In any case, we are approaching such a state when no business can operate if it’s not internally re-organized and people are not correctly connected with each other into a small integral community. Nothing will work without this!
From “Questions About the Workshops” 5/27/12

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Shorten The Distance

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe cannot imagine how much the distance between me and the Creator and the distance between me and my neighbor are the same. We call one who is close to us “neighbor,” while he is the same distance away as the Creator. At the same distance!

Try to reach the neighbor not physically but internally, and you will discover the same abyss. That is why we underestimate what has been given to us. “Well, why do we need the neighbor? All sorts of figures are walking around here. …” We cannot imagine that this is the absolutely accurate indication of our attitude towards the hidden in nature. Just as the Creator is concealed from me, so is my friend hidden from me.

Imagine, how much of this chasm we have not yet revealed between us. All the time we gloss over it, fill it with something superficial, but we don’t even see this huge black abyss.

However, if you seriously work in the group, then to the extent of your work, you begin to understand that you have to strike precisely at this point; here you’ll reveal everything. Just don’t forget that by working out the relationship with the friends, you work out the relationship with the Creator. The end of the action must be in Him; then we will get the upper Light.

This is the difference between the method of Kabbalah and any other method, because when we reach the end of the action, pointing at the upper force, we receive the upper Light that changes us. The main thing is not to forget that all our actions are aimed at getting closer to Him, to this upper force, at becoming similar to it, dissolving into it, acting like It, attaining at Its level, understanding, and connecting so that my entire inner part is absolutely equal to it.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/25/2012, Lesson 5

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Mutual Responsibility In The United States

The ideas of mutual responsibility and the integral method of education and upbringing are expanding and spreading in the U.S.  More people are joining and remaining in our system of dissemination.

So far, sixteen virtual seminars about integral unity have been held. New people are joining in these seminars in increasing numbers. Also, successful actions of distributing printed material with the messages of mutual responsibility and integral upbringing to the public were carried out in seven US cities, including Washington DC and St. Louis.


The World Through The Glasses Of Mutual Guarantee

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You said that the key to success is concessions.

Answer: Yes, willingness to concede is one of the necessary conditions. Learning about mutual guarantee should be a gradual process. First of all, we need to study human psychology and the psychology of the relationships between two friends, spouses, parents and children, neighbors, and relatives (for example, with mothers-in-law or people with whom conflicts are possible), and then we should proceed with studying the relationships in a workplace, with one’s nation, and with the whole world.

In other words, starting with close and understandable sensations that anyone can experience and by developing perceptivity, skill, and acuteness of feeling within people, we have to gradually bring them to working with wider circles of society. As a consequence, we’ll be able to understand which countries, parliaments, and rulers can unite with each other.

Let us imagine these structures and the form in which this can be realized. When we become involved in this study, we begin to understand what changes need to take place in the world.

We see that all of today’s leaders aren’t able to solve anything; they have not been brought up in the spirit of mutual guarantee and lack the knowledge of integral systems. They do not look at the world through the “glasses” of mutual guarantee. They need to gain the perception, awareness, and understanding of how to achieve that, how to connect one with the other, all the way to the point of attaining love. And of course, the willingness to make mutual concessions is necessary in this process.

This doesn’t mean that I conduct business negotiations with you, and while forming a contract I initially include clauses that will allow me to retract later in order to swindle you. We build honest relationships from the very beginning. From the very first item of any agreement it is clear to us that we cannot violate it. We cannot run away from each other.

It follows that all the problems, on all levels, are problems of upbringing. Mutual guarantee is the network of connection between us that ties us to one another in the entire world. It became revealed now, in our time. A few decades ago, in the 60’s, the founders of the Club of Rome started writing about it. At the beginning of the 20th century, scientists started talking about the fact that we are all interconnected through what they called noosphere. Since then and to this day all kinds of research is being conducted in this area.

The system of mutual guarantee has become revealed, and it binds us together, not allowing us to run away from each other. By wanting to violate it, we can unleash terrible wars, but then suffering will still force us to reach this form of mutual connection, mutual concessions, mutual guarantee, and mutual love.

Someone might object, saying that humanity has already thought about this. Five hundred years ago, various utopians wrote about it, and then the communists, Kibbutzniks, and others. All of this is true, and we only need to understand that never before in history was this a mandatory condition of our development. There were individual people who saw that this is necessary for humanity and that ultimately, humanity will come to that. Thomas Mann understood this, and then the communists in Russia and in other countries, but they were all isolated individuals whom the people never followed. They foresaw to many years ahead, and it seemed to them that they could implement it immediately.

And we are starting to talk about this today because the all-encompassing crisis shows us exactly what we are lacking: We lack mutual guarantee. In other words, it’s happening not because we wanted it to happen, but because it’s necessary for our development, and nature is forcing us towards it.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode 5, 1/5/12

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Alarab.Net Reports On The Round Table Discussion In The Arab Locality In Israel

Alarab.Net Reports On The Round Table DiscussionAlarab.net published an article about the round table discussion organized by the Mutual Guarantee movement in the Arab Locality in Israel. The site was established in 2006 and covers mainly the issues related to Palestine. Its main audience is the Palestinian youth, although the site also appeals to other nations of the Arab world.


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The Way To Mutual Guarantee

Through Integral Upbringing To Mutual Guarantee

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe further we develop, the clearer it becomes that with each year we sink into an ever-deepening crisis. And the problem isn’t just the economy; there are other crises as well that we’ve failed to resolve over many years. Some areas have been mired in crisis for decades now: drugs, depression, ecology, upbringing, and family.

The common explanation to all these problems is the lack of correct connection between us, which manifests on all levels: international, national, and family. This is why right now it is mandatory to have knowledge of the system of our interconnection which obliges us to establish good relationships between ourselves and not just sign some agreements on a piece of paper about peace, trade, or production.

This resembles a marriage contract that only exists on paper: People live together in one house, but there is no emotional, inner contact between them; they simply exist in a shared space. In this case, they very quickly reach a point when they can no longer tolerate this situation and are forced to separate.

In order to avoid bringing humanity to a world war and explosion of egoism, it’s necessary for every person to see the connection between us and to understand that today this connection must flow from heart to heart.

By observing nature, we see how wisely everything is arranged in it: All of its parts, from enormous faraway stars to the tiniest of particles, everything forms a single system. With the development of science, we discover the existence of this integral connection and reciprocity more and more. And if it ever happens that we violate a certain area, this provokes thousands of consequences in our life.

This happens in human society even more obviously. This is why our success depends only on that correct connection between us, called mutual guarantee: Each individual feels that they are dependent on everyone, and all depend on each individual.

In accordance with this, new social and international laws need to be established, new norms of relationships between people, within a family, in a workplace, in public places, and even when a person is alone: Everyone needs to take care of our big family. Ultimately, we are all living in one place and are connected even more than members of a family, who live in the same house.

This dependence gives a person more than the sense of security, prosperity, and well-being. After all, he or she is among people who wish them well. If the world becomes a single family, I have no fear, no shame, and generally am not worried or afraid of anything. The whole world is mine, I breathe with ease, and in any place, be it on a street, in a store, or while traveling, I feel like I am at home.

And here we need to understand the importance of upbringing. To make a person see, agree with, and realize such attitude towards other people is very big and important work. And now humanity is entering the epoch where it will be required to perform correction and ascend to the level of Human, that is, to resemble the image of Human that we form all together.

I hope that the development of integral upbringing will allow people to see evidence in nature, science, and life, which will convince them to join this process and start changing under the influence of knowledge and practical exercises. Then we’ll be able to reach the bright and kind world, at the threshold of which we are already standing now.

The wonderful thing about it is that a person who is connected to other people begins to feel life through them. Indeed, if I love my child, it’s as if I am with him anywhere he is, I enjoy everything that brings him pleasure, and I feel everything he does.

It turns out that as soon as I begin to connect this way to the world, I receive an impression from it, and knowledge and sensation of all the people in the world appear in me. I broaden my life so much that I no longer live inside of myself but in them! And here I touch a certain eternal point within me, the ability to feel life outside my body to the measure of my inclusion into everyone within the framework of the system of mutual guarantee. We’ll hope that we will manage to achieve this!
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode 5, 1/5/12

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Humanity As An Integral System

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe can talk at great length about our interconnection, which in recent times obliges us to make contact with each other at the emotional level. We need to start connecting with each other not only in accordance with ecological laws, manufacturing processes, the banking system, mutual upbringing, and healthcare, but personally. Correspondingly, all the nations need to engage in good relations with each other.

In the process of the evolution of nature, development went through still, vegetative, and animate levels before reaching the level of man. The human civilization developed through the same stages too, leading us to the point where we’re starting to acquire the image of one man. Precisely this state is called Adam, Human.

And here comes a question: How will we achieve this? It’s impossible to exist any other way since our further development requires a good mutual relationship, and without it, we won’t be able to correct the laws of economics, industry, and trade. The world is at a dead end, confused; it doesn’t understand what to do next. People have lost their interconnection altogether because in our time it is a heartfelt, soulful connection that is demanded of us, something that has never existed between us.

We either despised each other, exchanged goods, or collaborated out of hopelessness in manufacturing and trade. But it wasn’t required of an individual or a government to have a good relationship with their partner. However, now we are to required to exert internal, psychological efforts in relation to a stranger, and our development consists of just that.

We can feel that without such relationships, we cannot exist correctly, even in our own home. If I share an apartment with a few people, we find a way to get along provided each of us has their own space. But right now, we are so dependent on each other—each on everyone—that without correct relationships between us, our life becomes simply horrible.

Therefore it’s necessary for us to come to an agreement, and this agreement is called mutual guarantee. In other words, our relationships need to be such that each will feel that his or her life depends on others. That’s how soldiers from the same unit know that their life depends on all the others, and if each one doesn’t support and care for the rest, all of them will lose.

Such systems of mutual dependence exist in nature and technology: They are called integral or analog systems. Within them, all the parts are so interconnected that if any piece fails, the entire mechanism stops working. Evidently, as human society developed, we have grown to the point of reaching this kind of connection.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode 5, 1/2/12

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Netanyahu Creates A Virtual “Government Of The Future”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from 7kanal): “The Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appealed to the Israeli youth to take part in the ‘Next Generation Government,’ a project overseen by the Prime Minister’s Office. It is a virtual platform that allows Facebook users to make suggestions with respect to the management of the state and government, and to discuss them.

“Those wishing to participate in the “Next Generation Government” have to register on the project page on Facebook.”

My Comment: Undoubtedly, the Mutual Guarantee movement should use this call as it has a solid platform and opinion on all matters of public, state, and world development. Prepare a document and send it as a proposal to the address provided.

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