Under The Shield of the Creator?

961.2Question: How are you able to perform your function and at the same time rely on the Creator, meaning, advance as if by yourself and in parallel with the Creator?

Answer: And how can I perform my function if I don’t rely on the Creator? Where does my strength, knowledge, and opportunities come from? Where do I get the confidence that what I am doing will work? This is only to the extent that I am connected with Him.

Comment: Once you gave an example that Rabash, without relying on anyone went into a bomb shelter during a bombing.

My Response: But this is not because he did not rely on the Creator, but because it is necessary to act as all the people do

Comment: Often there is a feeling as if you are under the shield of the Creator, that there is some kind of protection.

My Response: You don’t have any protection. It can only be to the extent that you are connected with the Creator. And even with this protection, you can’t rely on it anyway. You should only be tied to Him. And what will happen to you, you should not think about it.

No matter what state you are in, think not about protection, but about how to be more tied to Him. Because bombs falling on you  are made to help you get even more correctly attached to the Creator, not out of fear!

And constantly thank the Creator for sending to you all these states because they help you get closer to Him by giving an example that you need to be in this form in both your best states and in the worst.

Question: But Rabash could not have climbed down to the bomb shelter. Could he observe and think about the Creator?

Answer: It cannot be understood. And yes and no. He had to act like everyone else. This is not a game. Actually, this also shows the quality of bestowal. I can’t express it in words.

The ordinary human mind cannot combine two opposite forces, opposite qualities, and states and see them as one.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Rely on the Creator?” 6/28/13

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