Revelation of the Creator Is the Common Religion for All

282.01Question: Kabbalah says that it does not matter what religion you belong to. But we know that there is none else besides Him. If I study Kabbalah and I know that there is none else besides Him, how can I be in a different religion?

Answer: I think the problem is that you consider Kabbalah to be a religion. Kabbalah, however, is not a religion but a wisdom. It is wisdom about the structure of the world, about forces that affect people, and about what man can do with them.

We tell all of humanity about this and promote one single principle—connection between people. In this connection between all, the revelation of the single upper force of nature, called the Creator, is possible. That is all.

It has nothing to do with Christianity, Islam, or Judaism.
From Dr. Laitman’s Conversation with the Georgian Group 9/15/22

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