Will We Leave Our Footprints on the Dusty Paths of Distant Planets?

547.05There have only been about a half dozen genuinely important events in the four-billion-year saga of life on Earth: single-celled life, multi-celled life, the differentiation into plants and animals, the movement of animals from water to land, and the advent of mammals and consciousness.

The next big step should be the idea of interplanetary life—an unprecedented journey that will dramatically change and enrich us (Elon Musk).

My Response: I absolutely disagree with this. What will it give us?! Why should the previous stages of development lead us to this last one? Will we fly from star to star? Moreover, we are in such an energetic and physical condition that these flights will cost us hundreds of years! Why do we need to fly? From one meadow to another?

Question: He considers interplanetary development to be the next big step. What do you think is the next big step?

Answer: The next big step will be to reveal the meaning of life. Why did it ever appear out of nothing, and why did the steps he spoke about then begin to develop from it?

Question: Does the person then come to the question “What am I living for?”

Answer: Yes. The further we develop, the more we want to know about our root, about our source. This is what interests us. This is the search for the meaning of life, because everything is encompassed in our root.

Today when we do something, we develop the forces and the data that are in our source.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/30/22

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