Where Do You Find Love?

610.2Question: You once said that corporeal love is just a hormonal craving to calm the “evil inclination” and that there is no love within our framework. Did I understand correctly?

Answer: Love is a mutual attraction based on the ascent above mutual egoism, rejection, and hatred that arises in people who consciously work on it.

This feeling arises in order to become integrated with each other: I am in his desires and he is in my desires. To the extent that we rise above egoism, annul it, and wish instead to work with the desires of other people in order to fulfill them, to love your neighbor as yourself, precisely here love appears.

But what does love itself mean? It does not come from us. Precisely because we destroy our personal egoism and become included in each other, light enters into this mutual inclusion. The Creator, who is love, becomes revealed.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Hormonal Love” 5/1/13

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