What Does the Zohar Teach Us?

137What does The Zohar teach us? It is known from the science of Kabbalah that the Creator created one desire within which all further development takes place.

This one desire includes a huge number of private desires connected to each other in a single system called Adam, a common soul.

Then according to His program, the Creator began to destroy the connection that exists between the parts of that very desire.

They begin to lose connection with each other, like in a sick body whose organs cease to interact correctly with each other, which leads to an imbalance, and what we feel are the symptoms of the disease: the pressure or temperature increases, the content of chemicals, the composition of blood, etc., meaning, the body does not balance itself. It’s a disease.

Why does the Creator do this to souls? So that we feel the corruption and then correct it.

This disease penetrates into our original state, corrupts the connection between us that make us parts of a single system, and we begin to feel less and less connected to each other.

In this loss of connection between us there are 125 degrees of descent from infinity from where we are infinitely connected to each other to a state in which this connection completely disappears.

And even more than that, when descending the 125 degrees, at the level called Parsa, an even greater damage occurred and instead of a positive connection, following its absence, a new negative connection was formed.

And now everyone wants to use others for their own benefit. The body does not just die, but completely devours itself.

This fall into the desire for the sake of receiving, into the desire to use others, continues further, until it reaches a state in which we absolutely lose all connection with each other, both a positive connection for the sake of bestowal and a negative connection for the sake of receiving, which brings us in complete contradiction to the spiritual and absence of awareness or knowledge of it. This is a consequence of our separation from each other.

And then we feel this world—an imaginary reality. Why is it imaginary? Because it was specially created by the Creator to give us the illusion of His absence.

What should we do? We need to understand that we have to fix the connection between us. As the connection between us increases, the soul rises from the sensation of our world to infinity. Reconnecting between us creates an ascent.

Therefore, as far as we can imagine our states in connection with all souls, all parts of creation together, we will increase our enjoyment of The Book of Zohar.

After all, it is written from the height of infinity. The authors of The Book of Zohar wrote this work from where they were connected together at the height of 125 degrees.

Therefore, when studying The Zohar, we should feel the desire to connect together. There is no need for special wisdom. It is enough to remember that we comprehend everything only in connection with each other.

And in fact, The Zohar speaks only about the connection of souls. It explains to me what my connection is with the universal system called Adam, with all the other souls, and how I must use this to connect them all together into a corrected, healthy, and properly functioning system.

This is all The Zohar talks about. It explains that I am here to perform this correction action for everyone, etc.
From the The 2010 World Mega-Congress 1/25/10, Lesson 4, The Book of Zohar, “Come Unto Pharaoh“

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