Is it Possible to Overcome Fear?

565.02Question: A lot of people write to us about the fear that permeates everything, that there is fear for oneself, fear for loved ones, fear for children, fear of death. Moreover, the situation cannot be changed and it is frightening.

The main question is how to overcome fear. Is it possible?

Answer: Let go of the situation. Don’t think about what will happen in the next moment. There’s nothing we can do. We don’t know anything about it. And that’s why it’s best for us to let go.

Question: But is it within a person’s power at all?

Answer: Yes, it is. This is achieved by a little bit of training, but in principle, it is necessary.

Question: So can I exist inside a real dramatic situation, threatened with death, with anything you can only imagine, as if it doesn’t exist?

Answer: Yes. You invent a dramatic situation, to use your words, and you annul it. Or other things: you say that it can’t be, because it can’t be. I already know that I’ll be fine, that I’ll be well. Or I’m not interested in it at all, not even now! It’s the best thing—to let go of the reins and not control anything.

Question: So you think that fear arises from the fact that a person tries to manage this situation?

Answer: He wants to manage it and cannot. That’s where the fear comes in.

Question: And when I let go, I seem to control it, but, as it turns out, from a different side?

Answer: Sure. Think about the fact that of course you will die, of course everything will be after, and something will exist after you. You don’t lock this world up and go somewhere out there. It is not known how this can be imagined. So it’s okay. Imagine this is normal; agree with it, and that’s it.

Question: I understand the general situation that I need to let go. Can you offer a few steps on how to let go of any situation?

Answer: No, different people do it differently. There are people who are starting to think: “What will happen to the world after me?” “How will my loved ones and relatives be?” “What will happen to my inheritance?” “What will happen to my creative legacy?” And so on and so forth.

Question: Then the question is: why is fear given to a person?

Answer: So that he can correct something additional: his attitude to life and death.

Question: What should this fear turn into? If it is given from above, what should this fear flow into?

Answer: It must flow into absolute submission to the will of the Almighty, the Creator, and to the fact that one still has something to do in those moments (there may be a huge number of them) until one really finishes his earthly journey.

Question: Basically, does a person have to do something one way or another? What should he do?

Answer: Calm down. Nothing else. This is what a person should do.

Comment: You once said that the Creator is at peace, and man should come to the same peace.

My Response: Yes.

Comment: Then give us the definition of peace.

My Response: Peace is when the next moment doesn’t bother you. It absolutely does not bother you! Not that you live in it. If you live in it it doesn’t bother you, because you live in it. But it just doesn’t bother you. We must come to this.

Question: Then am I living in this moment?

Answer: And there is no such moment. Don’t think that you exist at all.

Question: That is, I am as if floating on the river, floating and that’s all?

Answer: This is also a bad attitude to life. “Lift the oars” and “float” are also not good.

Comment: This point is not very clear.

My Response: It is not clear to anyone. This is the point at which we achieve absolute calm.

In other words, it can only be this way. “I rely on the control of the Creator. He controls everything, including me in every moment of my existence. And in general, He controls the whole universe and everyone. So I have nothing to worry about. Do I want to crawl into His correction, His governance, His force over all this? No.” If not, then sit still and get on with your life.

There should be no difference between how you exist now and afterward when you decide how you should exist.

Question: Such a point of stillness?

Answer: Yes. This indicates agreement. This means that you agree with the Creator. And it’s not easy. After all, we always want to grab His hand, check what is planned there, and argue that it should maybe be done a little differently.

Question: Is there no need to grab anyone here? Just like that and that’s it?

Answer: Let go.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/30/22

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