How Can You Learn to Speak with the Creator?

239It is impossible to talk to the Creator the way we talk to people with whom we have a common feeling and the ability to hear each other’s voices. With the Creator, we need to find a channel of communication: “I to Him, and He to me” so that we can “hear,” understand, and feel the Creator.

A person receives the ability to hear the Creator at the degree of Bina because Bina is hearing. Then I will hear what the Creator is saying to me. In relation to the Creator, I have to be at the degree of Malchut, which rises to Bina. Then I can speak with Him and He will hear me. That is, I must be at the degree of bestowal: “I to Him, and He to me.”

“I to Him” is my work, the desire to rise to the degree of bestowal. “The Creator to me” means that I should be able to hear how the Creator addresses me. After all, it is not easy.

The Creator is the source of life, the upper light from which everything that exists emanates and receives fulfillment and life. When we connect with the Creator, we move to a different form of existence compared to the one we had before and start to live at the degree of bestowal.

At the degree of bestowal, there are no boundaries for coming closer to each other, devotion, and reception; it all happens in a different dimension. This is how we enter into a new connection.

How can you learn to speak with the Creator? I try to swim in the same current with everything that happens in life because certainly it comes from the Creator. I want to be connected with Him every moment of my life, and to feel inside this connection how the Creator is constantly turning me in one direction and then in another. I want to adhere to Him and not let go.

To be adhered with the Creator means to follow Him each moment so that He walks in front of me and I do not run in front of Him and risk exiting His garden.

The main thing is the connection with the Creator, and not what I receive through it. Even if I receive seemingly the most unpleasant events, but they come from the Creator, then everything will be fine with me. The main thing is to keep the connection with Him. That is, I elevate my connection with the Creator above any possible fulfillment so that this connection with the Creator itself becomes my fulfillment.

If the Creator is the absolute good, and I receive only good and correct things from Him, then I can turn to Him with only one request: for my correction, in order not to think anything bad about Him, rather only good.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/6/22, “Speaking with the Creator”

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