Gift for a Kabbalist

572.02Comment: A gift is a manifestation of love. In any case, whatever the gift is, it is the love and not the object itself that we give.

My Response: Yes, of course.

Question: How can you give love without an object?

Answer: By a thought, by an intention. How else? To do this, you have to be in contact with a person. There is no difference whether it is corporeal or mental; the main thing is that there is contact. Then the person feels your attitude toward him.

Question: You even gave an example of how a child brings his mother his doll and gives it to her. Is this also a manifestation of love?

Answer: Yes, of course. He pulls out a doll and offers it to you because he feels how important it is for him, and thus expresses his attitude toward you.

Comment: I know that you do not particularly like some material gifts that clutter up the place, but you accept them in order to please a person.

My Response: How can I refuse it if a person brings it to me? But if you really want to give me a gift, then the biggest gift for me is to succeed in disseminating Kabbalah, to be my assistant in this.

Question: Did you give gifts to your teacher Rabash?

Answer: What could I give him?! Nothing. In what way could I express my affection, my dependence, my goodwill? Only in such an action.

You can make a person happy only when you do what he wants. What does he want? If the entire life of a Kabbalist is to bring correction into the world, then you must help him in this.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Gift for a Kabbalist” 3/18/13

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