All States Are Spiritual

571.03Question: Is it correct to treat all states as spiritual, for example, conditions like drowsiness, poor health, or apathy? Or are the real spiritual states only those that occur in the work of the group?

Answer: Absolutely all states are spiritual, the question is whether I can influence them.

Question: What states in this scenario can be influenced?

Answer: It is not simple to explain. It all depends on each of the participants. It is very complicated.

Question: But is it worth treating the whole process in which a person lives as a game of spiritual forces?

Answer: Naturally. Just that.

Question: What is the participation of the person in this process? After all, it is either passive or active. Or a person cannot understand when he can apply his own efforts and when he says there is “None else besides Him” just as an excuse.

Answer: Our study and our analysis is to determine how to relate to each event, analyze it, divide it into parts, and then synthesize it from these parts into certain blocks.

This is the spiritual work of a person when he divides all of nature, himself, the interaction and reaction into parts in order to understand the Creator. This is what we have to do because we exist here to reveal the Creator, fully understand Him from our lower world and attain the uppermost world.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call, Spiritual States” 4/17/13

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