Where Is it Good for Jews to Live?

427.02Question: The European Association conducted a study of the parameters of Jewish communities’ life in 12 European countries. Security, the fight against anti-Semitism, religious freedom, government support for Jewish communities, and provision of cultural development were studied. Based on these and many other data, they have built a rating system and determined that Belgium and Poland were the most unfavorable countries in Europe for Jews to live in, and Italy and Hungary were the most favorable.

What do you think about the research on where it is good for Jews to live?

Answer: I think the researchers are right to study this. We need to study this. There are so many different objects and subjects of study, so this one will be there too. In general, I have nothing to say. I do not encounter such phenomena at all. Therefore, I do not know.

Comment: But surely all research must have some specific purpose.

My Response: Of course, there is a purpose. They want to paint the map of Europe in different colors, where it is easier for Jews, where it is harder, and so on because there are always such contrasting conditions regarding Jews.

Question: Do Jews generally have a place in Europe or not?

Answer: I think there is no place for Jews anywhere. This is why they live like this.

Comment: What about America or exotic countries? Nowadays Jews live even in those countries with which they historically had no contact at all.

My Response: I have been to Latin America many times and met Jews there. There are huge communities there. I personally think there are problems everywhere, but it depends on how much the Jews living there can put up with them.

Question: What is the spiritual root of the dispersion of Jews around the world? There is a time when they disperse and there is a time when they should gather. What is happening now?

Answer: I think that soon we will come to a state where Jews will be gathering. This period has not yet come. It is in dynamic equilibrium. Thus, everything is still ahead.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 8/5/22

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