The Language of Feelings

527.06Comment: In the Ari’s methodology there is not a single word about love, about unification. It is a purely dry language of Sefirot.

My Response: Yes, the Ari says almost nothing about feelings, only about actions. But this is conveyed in the language of Kabbalah, the so-called language of the Sefirot.

Besides this, there is also a second language of Kabbalah, a sensory one, where a person begins to attain the upper world through sensations. There are no barriers, no boundaries, to feelings. He understands that he enters the state of the Creator’s boundless love and dissolves in it.

This was described by Rabash in his articles about the group. When you study them, you should not just come to the class, put a book in front of you and read the names of lights and worlds, but there should be a certain mood in a person.

To do this, he needs to work in a group, to try to unite with his friends, to receive certain desires from them, to reveal these desires, to come to lessons with this, and to study directly the system of lights and screens. Otherwise it will be just a theory, and Kabbalah does not welcome theory.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 8/2/22

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