Only The Language Of Bestowal Will Exist

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why is the human level called the speaking level?

Answer: Animals don’t feel any need for language like we have since they possess natural connections between them and they are completely satisfied.

The human language that we have developed in order to communicate has two forms. The first is the holy form of bestowal that is used in order to convey the relations in the system of bestowal that is above the system of receiving. It is a system of faith above reason. There is also the language of the posterior that was developed after the destruction of the tower of Babel, and it is the language of receiving in which a person doesn’t understand others.

Our level is called the level of the speaking because we speak and don’t understand one another! But there is a small group of people who do try to understand one another by using a language called the holy language, which is conveyed from heart to heart, thanks to the connection of the hearts.

First there was one major language in ancient Babel—Aramaic. The Hebrew language has been in use since the time of Adam HaRishon (first man). We don’t know who preceded him. So the written and spoken language stem from the attainment Kabbalists reached. People spoke different languages in their daily life; they simply agreed to use certain sounds in order to indicate certain objects and phenomena, like animals that groan. But the real language began to develop from the time of Adam HaRishon, and it was Hebrew. Later, Aramaic was developed as an opposite form of Hebrew, like two sides of the same phenomenon. These languages, which Kabbalists spoke, were a result of the upper attainment, while ordinary people spoke in order to express their needs.

When the children of Israel left Babel they took Hebrew and Aramaic with them. All the other peoples dispersed all over the world and developed their own languages according to the place they settled in.

After all, it isn’t just a language. The desire to enjoy, the Masach (screen) and the Returning Light, the desire to bestow, the corrupt and the corrected states all make up the language of the inner communication between us. When some people reached England, some reached Germany, some reached France, as Josephus Flavius tells us in a picturesque manner about the dispersion of the Babylonians all over the world, they felt that they should speak in a specific manner according to their group and their location since it was an expression of a specific desire, of a specific state. So every group developed its own language

The words were not created by chance. It was a way for a person who wanted something to express his attitude towards others, and so he used certain words in order to refer to his property and his feelings. This is how different languages were created.

Question: Will there be one language once again at the end of correction?

Answer: Without a doubt! It will be the language of bestowal.

Question: How will we speak this language?

Answer: We will not speak, we will feel. Why do we need words if we are one body? Does my hand talk to my leg? The information simply flows between them. This is also how we will convey information to each other. Mutual bestowal doesn’t require a language or any form of communication.

Question: How will we delight the Creator by this mutual bestowal?

Answer: The Creator dwells among us in our attributes of bestowal.

Question: We will simply stand and do nothing and He will feel good as a result?

Answer: I don’t know what sitting or standing mean if we have no bodies. The bodies will disappear; now too they only exist in our imagination. So there will be no language but the language of bestowal that flows through this whole system. The language returns to one HaVaYaH.

A language is created only because of the lack of a real inner connection between us. This is why we need words. The better the inner connection between us, the less we need words. When you live peacefully with your wife you don’t need to speak to her much. When you argue, there is a whole cascade of words that flow between you.

Question: But I don’t fight with all of humanity!

Answer: You simply don’t know it yet, and you have to discover this.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/6/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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