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627.2In the News (The Express Tribune): “Morimoto first offered his services in June 2018 after posting a tweet that read: ‘I offer myself for rent, as a person who does nothing. Is it difficult for you to enter a shop on your own? Are you missing a player on your team? Do you need someone to keep a place for you? I can’t do anything except easy things.’ …

“People rent him for various reasons, he says, but most are bored or lonely and simply want to be listened to. …

“Morimoto – who is married and holds a postgraduate degree in physics from Osaka University – told: ‘I’m not a friend or an acquaintance. I’m free of the annoying things that go with relationships but I can ease people’s feelings of loneliness.’ ‘I personally don’t like being cheered on by other people. It bothers me when people simply tell me to keep persevering. When someone is trying to do something I think the best thing to do is to make it easier for them by staying at their side,’ he added. In less than three years Morimoto – who used to work in publishing but quit to ‘do nothing’ – has published books about his career choice, inspired a television drama and acquired 270,000 Twitter followers.”

Question: What does the demand for this guy tell you?

Answer: This first of all says, unfortunately, that people are lonely, that they need someone to be there, but there is no one.

Question: To talk it out, to be with someone?

Answer: For everything. And probably, he justifies this hope. He knows how. He’s probably not a physicist, but a good psychologist. It’s good to be around him. He can do everything! Listen, talk, whatever you want. He can be anywhere and do precisely what is expected of him. It’s very difficult. This is not an obsession, but an addition to the person who hired you.

Comment: It would seem that this is such an easy job, but you say that it is not easy at all.

My Response: It’s not a very easy job. This is a psychological job and is very difficult . But apparently, people say it’s worth it.

Comment: This means that a person needs someone who will not put pressure on him, who will listen to him, and connect with him.

My Response: It’s not just submission, and as a role, I would say it’s a very lively one. Can you imagine, your name is called and you come on a date. From afar you wonder, let’s say, if this will be a woman or perhaps a man? And if an old man or an old woman? And if it’s a girl? And to just fit in like a clip, you have to fit into each case 100%,.

We have a huge request for this. Enormous!

Question: Is it because humanity is becoming more and more lonely?

Answer: Yes, especially in Japan. People don’t get married there, people don’t meet, and they don’t give birth much today.

Comment: The world is moving toward the fact that these services will be more and more in demand.

Answer: These services will actually reveal what we lack. And people will start gradually incrementally learning to become like that. I want such a person next to me, my addition in him and his addition in myself. And it will be happiness. It is the addition of people to each other.

Question: As a Kabbalist, what does this tell you? What is it?

Answer: This is called “love for one’s neighbor.” It is very simple. It is something you have to show to the other and the other will be happy to show it to you.

Question: What do you think would happen if you set up an experiment in which he is not paid for these services, would he continue?

Answer: I am sure that if he does his job well, it is not for the sake of money. Otherwise it wouldn’t have worked. And he wouldn’t have been hired.

Comment: And so the rumor went about him that there is such a person.

Answer: This is Japan. It’s not just a rumor, as it’s instantly recorded.

Question: Do you think that there is some element of love for one’s neighbor on his part?

Answer: Yes. This is when you adapt to your neighbor in a good sense of the word. And he is glad to see you and responds to you in the same way.

Question: And are you glad that he is happy?

Answer: Yes. This is effectively a kind of love for another.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/11/22

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