There Is Really No Death

627.2Comment: Oleg wrote to you: “Still, it’s scary to die. I’ve been watching your shows non-stop for almost a year now. It’s like a drug. While I’m watching, it’s not scary. But as soon as I leave the computer, I just return to my family, news, illness; it’s scary right away. The transition is scary that I will suddenly be gone. And the fuss around the disease is imposing fear. Even though you understand that there is no hope, you still bustle. I don’t want to leave like this; I want to leave with dignity. But there is no strength.”

By the way, a lot of people write that our broadcasts and your explanations give them a lot of strength. That’s for sure.
So, what can we say to Oleg?

My Response: There is nothing to worry about. Nothing begins and nothing ends; everything just goes on. As a person finishes with this relation, with this picture of life, another picture begins to sprout.

Question: Why is a person given this feeling of fear, of transition?

Answer: It helps them to break away from themselves a little, and then a little more. And so, during several such transitions, he will begin to perceive the rejection of his egoistic self more and more correctly.

Question: And this calm, which, let’s say, people get when you explain things, should they calmly accept the explanation and then depart?

Answer: Of course, yes. Nothing ends in nature. There is no end, and everything just flows from one picture to another.

Question: And what is death then?

Answer: There is no death. Actually none.

Question: And what is being broadcast to us, what is it? You said the main thing is to break away from the “I.” Is it our “I” that broadcasts?

Answer: Yes, relax and free yourself.

Question: Is this how a person should depart?

Answer: Certainly.

Question: So you’re saying he doesn’t even go anywhere?

Answer: If he knows how to do it, then he does not leave.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/2/22

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