One Year for Three

294.1Question: When you studied Kabbalah, you did not have a group; there was only a teacher. How did you hold on to the importance of the goal in order not to regress in any circumstance?

Answer: It is a different path without a group. It is much more difficult and less effective. After all, I have not advanced at the pace that people who come to us today are advancing. It took me several years to grasp what a beginner grasps in six months or a year.

A person masters the initial stage that one goes through today three times faster than me and those who studied with Rabash. One year for three. What I comprehended in three years, our beginner comprehends in a year.

He gets intensively involved in the work, in understanding, in the system, and in the group. He is drawn into this all, receives explanations, and absorbs material through all the pores. If a person goes through a serious yearly practice with us, then in principle he lays down the foundations for the correction of the soul.

And then it depends on the person. But I believe that at least the first year is a necessary and sufficient condition to become a beginner Kabbalist. After that, if he decides, let him become a Kabbalist, that is, let him start working with himself.

I think that according to the measure of its expansion in the world and how it deepens into us, the preparation period will get shorter. People will start to absorb everything very quickly because it will be perceived through the surrounding ether, through the air.

Such surroundings will be created and such waves will affect us so that everything will seem to be clear! It’s like how children who are born today start playing with phones and computers already from the cradle. What I can’t do is nothing to them.

“How do you know what to do? Did you study somewhere?”

“Why study? Everything is clear anyway.”

That is, their internal logic is built according to what was created by other people in the last generation or a few years before their birth. It will be the same here.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Various Kabbalah” 2/22/13

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