Resist Internal Problems

533.02Question: You said that in everything one should see the manifestation of the Creator, except for “leave.” But is “leaving” an inner feeling? After all, you are not being kicked out.

Answer: “Leaving” is an inner state when you are dragged all over the place seemingly by your personal thoughts, decisions, conjectures, and so on. And you resist them.

This does not refer to some external problems that a person has with a group, or at work, or at home, and therefore he is thrown out, no! These are precisely his internal problems, the inner call that tells him: “Go, do something more real, more necessary.” Therefore, he finds an excuse for himself and leaves.

But there are those who, despite all the real excuses, despite everything, say: “No! I will be engaged only in my spiritual advancement, and in everything else, only to the extent required for me to exist. Otherwise, there is nothing in this world, in this life.”
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Confessions of the Kabbalist” 2/23/13

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