Will We Ever Have a Desire to Connect with Each Other?

962.7Comment: Professor Michio Kaku, in an interview with The Times newspaper, discussed what the world will be like in the near and distant future. The professor believes that by 2030 a new type of contact lens will already appear in the world that will have Internet access as well as show a virtual reality to users.

My Response: Of course, it’s convenient, but it is quite possible that I will have other glasses and I will be able to see all this in the air whenever I want. Since all the waves are here in the air, I will be able to see the screen and the keyboard to press in front of me,  At any moment, as if it is recreated it in front of you.

After all, what is a device? The accumulation of existing information. It stays in the air in the form of waves and I can immediately imagine it in any form and work on it. To do this, you don’t even need to embed anything in the brain.

But it doesn’t matter because it’s all technique. And what’s the meaning?! What information will be transmitted at that time?! Will we even want to connect with each other?

Let’s say this current period will pass, this frenzy of sites of “contact”: Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and everything else. What’s next?! People will get tired of litter in the virtual space and they will ask to have all this garbage removed.

We will destroy it all, although it will still remain somewhere in nature and nothing will truly be lost in it. And what’s next? We will remain empty. We have huge opportunities to connect with each other and we do not want this.

Comment: Two trends are clearly visible now: the interconnection in global society and the awareness of this. But some are looking for it with the help of technology, others with the help of biological evolution.

My Response: So it’s the same technology, only biological. Some make new programs and others instead of programs want to embed access directly into a person. What’s the difference?! I’m talking about the essence of the information that we will exchange: do we need it or not?

Just as we are now abandoning the previous forms of existence, life, and connection and are looking at the previous years as something naive, and simple, which we can no longer be filled with, we will also not be able to be filled with these new technologies.

So what if there are huge opportunities in front of me to connect with all the people on earth?! I won’t want it, I’m just tired; that’s what humanity will feel.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. The Future of Humanity” 7/17/11

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