When Boundaries Of Reality Are Blurred

423.01Question: Filmmakers are using technologies firms in many companies are developing to synthetically create dialog and visuals in their productions. 

The reality is that in a year or two such technologies that completely copy, not just the visual appearance of a person, but also his voice, that can place anyone in any situation, will be available to everyone. The Internet will be filled with material in which I could see myself in places where I have never been. The frameworks a person can rely on are disappearing and the boundaries of reality are being blurred.

What awaits us when everyone can use your image and voice to create any content?

Answer: We will not pay attention to it. Let’s say they make a puppet out of me and twist it any way they want. Be my guest!

And what is there about me that they can do? Something with me personally? With my image? Everyone will know it is or it is not so. In the end, what difference does it make to me?

I think society by this time will be mature enough for understanding that there are higher values that do not include copying a person and making a parody out of him. Personally, this would not anger me in any way. It would not bother me.

Comment: But in such situations a person feels that the framework of his self-identification, the old reference points, are dissolving. And he does not seem to feel the new ones yet.

My Response: A public person might feel that way. After all, it can confuse voters and they might think: “Look what he said, what he did.” But I think humanity will quickly figure it out.

Everything is coming to a point where we will not pay any attention to what they say about us, what they think, and how they represent us. So, my image runs across the screen as if it is a 100% me and does some tricks: here I lead a gang of robbers, and there I am involved in a theft. So what? If all this becomes routine, we will simply stop focusing on it, we will look at it as tricks performed by a puppet.

Basically, each of us is a puppet. We all play certain roles because they are somehow placed in us and played-out. And man is entirely a product of a certain program. I think humanity will understand this rather quickly.

The most important thing in all this is to rise above your animate, egoistic self and start building yourself on a completely different level where no one can get you because you work for bestowal, for altruism, for connection, and for good relations with others.

And then, no matter what they say about you, it remains somewhere below, on the animate level, and has nothing to do with you. Because in these good states toward others, you are now forming yourself. And it does not bother you at all that Hollywood cartoons are being created from your egoistic self. After all, you are building your altruistic self, not out of caricatures, but by wanting real paintings.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 12/6/21

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