The Sensitivity of Water

720Question: Why does water have a high sensitivity to various disturbances?

Answer: Because it is a carrier of basic information. Water is the general quality of bestowal, which connects everything with each other. This is the quality of life, it revives.

If all other elements of our world are egoistic, then water has altruistic qualities. It has this force originally in it. This is why water is a solvent, a connector. It exists around developing objects. Without water there is death, give water there is life.

But at the same time, water can also be a carrier of negative energy. For example, all kinds of tsunamis, hurricanes, and floods. It depends on what information it carries, and by what it is generated. It already depends on people, on their wrong influence on the world.

Basically, we emerged from an ocean of water because until a huge amount of water mass appeared on the planet, life was impossible. The transition happened from quantity to quality, when a huge amount of water information was gathered together and organic life began to emerge in it. From where? From the information that is embedded in the water.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. The Secret of Life” 7/13/11

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