Understanding the Thought of Nature

759By understanding nature more and more, we begin to ponder about what must have been the initial motive of the force that created it. Then we involuntarily begin to rise above all the actions of nature to the initial thought of creation.

We see how at the foundation of all the laws of nature there is a thought and there is nothing in it that was not planned in advance, did not have some meaning, and did not develop according to a certain plan. We are talking about the objective existence of the upper force and about the general plan of the impact of its act of creation upon us.

When we look at ourselves and the world around us, we generally understand that there is some kind of project here, a plan that is constantly being implemented. Even looking at our society, no matter however you spin it, try to stop its development. It still goes forward, and it is impossible to stop it just as it is impossible to stop the changing of seasons.

In nature nothing happens without a plan, without a program, and all this does not exist by itself. And if we see how everything comes and goes, takes place according to some kind of cycles and laws, then the fulfillment of the laws of nature confuses us.

We believe that some things are natural, it is supposed to be so. Like when a child says: “The plate broke by itself” not realizing that this cannot be. And the plate broke because he misbehaved. We are the same.

For example, we say: “Summer has finally arrived.” Why did it come? “Because there was winter before it.” This is not the answer but simply an observation. The reason lies in a deeper understanding of nature. That is, we cannot look at the world around us like animals and accept it as is. If I want to answer why, then I must still delve into the force that governs everything.

We must reach the Creator, understand Him, attain Him, and feel Him, to the point of becoming completely equal to Him. And then we will know everything that He created: what it was done for, how, and for what purpose.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/21/22

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