The Most Powerful Computer in the World

276.02Question: Man has invented photography and movie cameras that capture reality as we see it, meaning subjective reality. You say that if we change our senses, then reality will be perceived differently.

Why does the camera still capture everything in our sensors? If we had other sensors, would we see something different in the captured photo?

Answer: The fact is that nothing is actually fixed, it is all inside us. That is why it is hard for me to explain it.

Everything is inside a person and depends only on which Reshimot are triggered in him, what exactly they draw to him, and he now sees it from the outside.

Question: There are a lot of your recordings in the archive. I’m reviewing some of the videos that we recorded three years ago, and I’m surprised how much they contain information that was at that time imperceptible.

Answer: Of course, you didn’t feel it then, but you do now.

What does it mean to record information? This is the Reshimot, their implementation. There is nothing else.

Information records exist initially, that is, even before something was created. And then they unfold and are realized, filled, and stored in this form until they come together into one single, full-blooded, perfect, complete, closed system called the world of infinity. And all the smallest details, no matter what happens, are realized and recorded.

The fact that we are now inventing all kinds of recording forms, various mechanisms, all this is nonsense. All this has already been recorded and exists around us; it represents one single computer, one single communication system. It has everything, and every time we just awaken more and more connections and constantly capture everything. Meanwhile, our intentions, thoughts, volitional and painful efforts are recorded, everything you want.

The Reshimo consists of two parts: from the power of the Reshimo, Aviut (that is, the power of desire) and the Reshimo de-Itlabshut (the power of attainment, the magnitude of attainment). Therefore, there is a record of absolutely everything, everything is included in the Reshimo. And this huge record is gradually unfolding ahead of us so that we learn, become active elements of it, gradually absorb the whole system, and become its rulers along with the Creator.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The Most Powerful Computer in the World” 10/8/09

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